Raspberry Pi power supply

Executive summary: Always use the official Raspberry Pi power supply. Never use USB chargers.

Before the official power supply was introduced, selecting one (especially for later Pi models) used to be challenging, as many of the easily available USB power supplies were cheap phone chargers unable to provide a stable voltage when the current increases. Also it turned out that specs printed on packaging materials were usually bogus.

The only way to choose a suitable power supply reliably is to test and measure it.

My testing method:

Marketing name/vendorSmall printRatingMeasured VLED
Raspberry Pi Universal PSUDSA-13PFC-055.1V/2.5A5.13 VON
Vanson USB Power AdaptorSMP-500A005USB5.0V/1.0A4.89 VON
Clas Ohlson USB Charger (36-5756)SP-5USBi-EU5.0V/2.4A4.80 VON
Google Chromecast PSU5005BBV05001005.0V/1.0A4.80 VOFF
HTCTC P900-EU5.0V/1.5A4.77 VOFF
Nokia 6 chargerFC01005.0V/2.0A4.69 VOFF
Nokia chargerAC-50E5.0V/1.3A4.65 VOFF
Verkkokauppa.com TinyChargeCEUL5021005.0V/2.1A4.64 VOFF

Last updated: 2023-12-29 11:19 (EET)