'71 Dead, 1. Outside, 200 Motels, A Different Kind Of Weather, A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, A Thousand Leaves, Acid Eaters, Africa/Brass, After The Gold Rush, Amandla, Andre sider af Sonic Youth, Another Green World, Arc, Atom Heart Mother, Blood Of The Earth, Blow-Up, Blue Hawaii, Bob Dylan, Broadway The Hardway, Chill Out, Close To The Edge, Cluster & Eno, Comment c'est, Cyberpunk, David Gilmour, Dead City Radio, Dead Man, Death Or Glory?, Dekadenssi, Descendants Of Smith, Dreamland, Dylan & The Dead, Elvis Presley, Elvis' Christmas Album, Eternity, Eye, Feedback, FFWD, Freaks Of Nature, From Elvis In Memphis, G.I. Blues, Garcia, Girls! Girls! Girls!, Grace Under Pressure, Grave New World, H.Q., Head Hunters, How Sweet It Is..., In The Spirit Of Things, Into The Woods, Jack O'Roses, Jazz by Sun Ra, Jazz In Silhouette, Keesojen lehto, Kind Of Blue, Kirotun rytmin viidakossa, Led Zeppelin I, Led Zeppelin II, Led Zeppelin III, Led Zeppelin IV, Live In Leipzig, Maailmanpyörä palaa, Man & Myth, Mer Mar, Metallic Spheres, Mock Tudor, Murder Ballads, Musta laatikko, Nothingface, Nylon, Odeon Budokan, Olos, Pawn Hearts, Porgy And Bess, Pour Down Like Silver, Psychedelic Pill, Queen Elvis, Radio K.A.O.S., Rakkaus tulessa, Rather Ripped, Road To Utopia, Rock Bottom, Round About Midnight, Rush, Rust Never Sleeps, Seconds Out, Settlement, Songs Of Leonard Cohen, Sophisticated Beggar, Still Life, Strange City, Super-Sonic Jazz, Synchro Anarchy, Test For Echo, The Bridge - A Tribute To Neil Young, The Dark Side Of The Moon, The Doors, The Endless River, The Final Cut, The Future Never Waits, The Green Man, The Hapless Child, The Monsato Years, The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, The Tea Party, The Times They Are A-Changing, The Yes Album, Tombstone Valentine, Transverse City, Valentine, Various Positions, Weather Systems, Who's Better, Who's Best, Wind And Wuthering, Wish You Were Here, Zabriskie Point

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